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The purpose of this position is:

The Test Manager is typically chosen from the technical levels of the Software Quality Solutions Analyst and Software Quality Architect. The Test Manager is ultimately responsible for the quality of the product which makes it to the user. For this reason the Test Manager is expected to have more than 5 years’ experience in software testing and preferably be a graduate in the fields of computers or business so that they have a rounded view of quality from both a technical and business perspective. The primary responsibilities of the test manager are client management, risk management, planning & cost management, team development and continuous improvement of the systems, standards and processes. The Test Manager liaises with the relevant product owner and ensures that the client is fully informed of the state of testing for current and future projects. The Test Manager ensures they are familiar with the roadmap and ensures the Team Leads and Test Engineers are being prepared so that they have the capability and the capacity to execute the testing effectively. The Test Manager (with the assistance of the TMO) also negotiates timelines and deadlines with the client or the client’s representatives (usually the PM). Risk management requires the Test Manager to understand the nature of the clients’ product, and how the components of the product integrate, across (potentially) multiple development teams and projects. He/She needs to understand the relative complexity of the development effort and the complexity in the test effort and ensures that the team has contingencies in place to handle anomalies in the planned testing. Successful risk management entails delivering software with defects reports on time, with no latent defects and managing the clients’ expectations during this time. This implies that the Test Manager is responsible for the quality of the test effort and ensures that testing is planned, optimised and executed in the most efficient, and effective manner. One of the most powerful tools the Test Manager has is the roadmap and testing capacity plan. The Test Manager creates/uses these charts together to manage the client so that work effort is “smoothed” and timelines are appropriate given the size of the testing team. It is important that the Test Manager sequences projects so that the test team can operate in the most effective manner. It is pointless for a client to rush the release of software which has dependencies which are only to be released later. The Test Manager actively manages this process. In addition the test manager may use these charts to indicate need for more resources in the short to medium term. Clients are becoming more and more cost sensitive. The Test Manager needs to be aware and actively manage the cost of the test effort on a project and product basis. The Test Manager must ensure that the team members within the team are assigned and delegated tasks appropriate to their rank and cost. This ensures a healthy cost management within the team and for the client. One of the most strategic responsibilities of the Test Manger is the long term development of the test team. The Test Manager must follow the Recruit, Retain and Release strategy. By following the roadmap and client feedback the Test Manager must ensure that his/her team is moving with changes in needs, technologies and skills requirements of the client. Lastly the Test Manager needs to keep reviewing, refining, optimising and implementing changes within his/her team so that the total capacity, effectiveness and capability of the team is continually grown, extended and developed. These changes and improvements must fall strictly within the remit of the Standards and Policies being followed and adhered to by the greater organisation. The Test Manager is required to lead the team strategically towards the future, for the betterment of all team members and the greater organisation.


  • Performs Planning and Preparation
  • Executes Testing
  • Communicates with Stakeholders
  • Performs Test leadership
  • Adheres to standards and processes


  • Displays Team Values

Required Qualifications:

  • Relevant Degree/NDiploma OR IT qualification + 3 years IT experience
  • ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing

Required Skills:

  • 3 years software testing experience
  • Experience managing a team
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