Software Engineer, Congiguration

Applications Needed


The purpose of this position is:

To manage version control systems and to automate builds and releases of our software


  • Administer version control systems (Subversion, Team Foundation Server
  • Manage version control systems: Create branches, perform merges
  • Develop and maintain automated build scripts (MSBuild) for multiple software products in a variety of languages (C++, C#, AS2, AS3, T-SQL)
  • Develop and maintain package and release process for multiple software products
  • Develop and maintain installers (MSI) for multiple software products
  • Develop and maintain Tools to assist in development of software products
  • Track software versioning and dependancies
  • Ensure all code changes are incorporated into the appropriate releases by utilising an agreed upon labelling / build strategy and tagging feature
  • Support development / production personnel in any SCM need
  • Troubleshoot SCM problems at any point in the application of project lifecycle
  • Assist with the administration and management of the Change Management System data and artifacts
  • Assist with the identification of tools and methodologies for all development efforts


  • Displays Company Values
  • Contributing to Team Success
  • Adaptability
  • Quality orientation
  • Client focus
  • Building strategic working relationships
  • Administration of systems
  • IT support competency
  • Unit Testing (desirable)

Required Qualifications:

  • IT Degree or equivalent Diploma (preferably BCompSc or BSc Eng
  • MCSE or MCSD
  • SQL language knowledge

Required Skills:

  • 2+ years experience in a software development environment
  • Development experience in at least two languages (C++ / C# / Java / Python / Ruby)
  • Experience with scripting languages beneficial
  • Experience with software configuration tools (SVN / TFS / GIT / Mercurial / Perforce)
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