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The position exists to lead, develop and manage the Services team, ensuring the alignment of project plans to the business strategy to achieve customer satisfaction and revenue targets.  This role is part of the Leadership Team and is considered a trusted strategic advisor

The position encompasses the following major functions or key result areas:


• Services strategies

• Services activities and strategic initiatives

• Financial acumen

• People

• Corporate contribution


Services Strategy

• Develop a commercially viable strategy for each area of services department activity to manage the delivery and achievement of revenue targets through a business/operations model

• Work closely with other managers to achieve planning priorities

• Set and deliver a target-focused for services strategy by developing effective revenue generating


• Develop business planning for the services department

• Develop a best practice customer service culture across all services areas

• Develop new, and improve existing product/experience

• Review business performance, identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to ensure growth in each area

• Review financial performance and affect fundamental change to improve it

• Improve cost control and meet budget targets

• Drive and empower management reports that will help promote and reinforce the various products and services

• Negotiate and develop commercially beneficial contracts with service providers

• Liaise with all other managers to ensure projects and capital expenditure items are identified and completed               within budget


Services activities and strategic initiatives

• Lead the identification, development and implementation of all opportunities

• Identify and create external commercial opportunities and partnerships

• Identify opportunities to generate revenue

• Identify market opportunities and associated business developments

• Identify and create opportunities to increase revenue generation streams

• Lead business improvements across the organisation including the identification and facilitation of process     improvement projects and working with managers to document and improve current business processes

• Develop and utilise effective relationship skills with all current and potential business partners and enhance the relations with external stakeholders

• Identify services risks and formulate strategies to reduce/eliminate risks

• Develop, implement and maintain services processes and procedures

• Establish a superior client service strategy and set of criteria, coaching and training for managers to understand and deliver to stakeholders’ expectations


Financial Acumen

• Develop revenue, salaries, capital expenditure and project budget

• Set and drive business plans to deliver financial key performance indicators

• Manage the overall financial results for services

• Control the budget for services department and develop strategies consistent with, and aligned to, the budget to increase revenue and ensure costs are not exceeded

• Ensure projects and capital expenditure items identified are undertaken and completed within budget and to agreed schedules

• Manage and ensure salary costs for staff are within budget, whilst at the same time ensuring staff are adequately recognised, rewarded and remunerated

• Achieve targets for the business area

• Manage financial performance against the budget/operating plan and act appropriately upon trends and variances in a timely manner to ensure the effective and efficient achievement of all budget and plan objectives


• Develop and lead an effective skilled workforce with an emphasis on customer service, team culture and team objectives and undertake regular communication to ensure information is delivered in a timely manner

• Support the development of a greater focus on and understanding of services considerations and imperatives amongst staff

• Develop and train staff to ensure staff have and maintain appropriate skills

• Develop a sales/customer service culture through a customised training plan to ensure that all relevant policies and procedures are maintained and documented

• Ensure that all employees working in the business are cognisant of the procedures which may be involved in their job

• Work within the team to achieve shared goals and targets

• Maintain communication within the team and positively contribute to a committed, capable and motivated team

• Work with other managers to achieve Strategic Plan

• Drive and empower managers to deliver products and services on offer

• Set operational and/or performance goals which are challenging, achievable and tied to long-term goals

• Establish and monitor performance-reporting systems

• Monitor performance against performance goals to ensure that progress is being made

• Conduct regular meetings with staff to ensure that priorities are clear and coordination is good

• Ensure activities comply with organisational requirements for quality management, legal stipulations and general duty of care

• Provide leadership and counsel to managers to ensure their activities are consistent with  commitment, mission, values and goals and their own long-term development and welfare

• Ensure the day-to-day management of staff is undertaken and staff are fully conversant with the standard required

Corporate contribution

• Communicate and promote the services strategy, vision, mission and values

• Participate and contribute to Leadership Team meetings

• Work with the Leadership Team to achieve common gaols f

• Understand, promote and take responsibility for compliance with relevant laws, regulations, codes and organisational standards

• Contribute and share information with other Leadership Team members regularly

• Maintain professional and effective working relationships with internal and external customers and suppliers

• Identify opportunities for best practice and continuous improvement and communicate these effectively with the Leadership Team


• Matric


• Drivers license

• Business management degree

• Project Management Professional certification

• MBA is advantageous

• Minimum of 10 years’ experience in services sales

• 3 years’ experience in a manufacturing project environment

• Previous experience in an electronics or similar environment, working with Utilities is advantageous

• Proven track record in Project management

• Ability to improve project management practices by implementing new techniques and tools