Automation Engineer

Applications Needed


The purpose of this position is:

To research, design and implement automation solutions.


  • Automation Responsibility
  • Completed Projects
  • Showed Initiative / Innovation
  • Mentorship
  • Test software
  • Time Management
  • Prepared software and test environment
  • Managed software development standards
  • Maintain software
  • Documentation
  • Detected and tracked defects

Responsibilities include:

  • Design automated tests to improve the efficiency of software testing processes
  • Identified automation need
  • Maintains softwae test cases so that they are up to date and can be referenced as required
  • Maintains testing tools that have been authored internally for the purposes of testing software
  • Prepared Test environments
  • Review and apply quality standards


  • Continuous learning
  • Contributing to Team Success
  • Displays Company Values
  • Managing Work (includes time management)
  • Communication
  • Shows Initiative

Required Qualifications:

  • Degree or Equivalent diploma/ or neccessary working experience

Required Skills:

  • SQL Experience required
  • C# experience preferred, however we will look at other scripting experience.
  • 1-2 years testing experience
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